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Attractive returns, long-term value, and high added value are the objectives for every investment

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We are well known in the industry for professional investment and fund management. Most importantly, we are a reliable and long-term partner for our clients. CAPITAL GROWTH LIMITED (CGL) is successful established in almost all asset classes and offers clients the best investment opportunities.


we’ve offering clients geographical, asset and risk diversification across investment products Investments through regulated funds, single asset mandates.


As an investment managing company, we offer strategic ideas to our clients. With our expertise and advice, we provided the best possible support for realising individual investment ideas.

Experiences and Trust

Real estate and Forex trading is our world. Since 2013, we have accumulated know-how in the most diverse markets. Long-term relationships with employees and clients are of great importance for our entrepreneurial success.

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Exchange Exposes User

On Friday at 08:00 UTC, Crypto Company alerted its clientele via blog and Twitter that it had accidentally revealed all of its user’s emails via carbon copy (CC). So, if you have an account with BitMEX, anyone obtaining the email has a portion of what’s needed to access your account. It also potentially opens users up to targeted phishing attacks.

Bitcoin Price Slides 2% After Deribit, Coinbase Flash Crash

Another flash crash has occurred for bitcoin (BTC), this time appearing on the Coinbase Pro and Deribit exchanges. At 19:55 UTC on Oct. 31, BTC’s spot price dipped from $9,260 to $9,055 in quick succession on Coinbase’s exchange for professional traders.

Blockstack Will Pay Liquidity Provider GSR to Trade Its STX Token

Blockstack, one of the first blockchain startups to have raised money in a Reg A+ offering, has hired GSR Markets to trade its “stacks” (STX) token. According to an Oct. 24 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the blockchain startup will pay GSR for providing liquidity in markets outside of the U.S

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